В борнике материалов XII международного симпозиума «Susret kultura» (Novi Sad, Serbia) опубликована статья Е.М. Захаровой с результатами работ по проекту РНФ № 20-18-00003-П на английском языке: «THE PROCESS OF LITERATURE’S INTEGRATION INTO THE PUBLIC ATTENTION SPHERE (ON THE MATERIAL OF KHARKHOV NEWSPAPER "YUZHNY KRAY")» (Zbornik radova / Dvanaesti međunarodni interdisciplinarni simpozijum "Susret kultura", [1. decembar 2022, Novi Sad]; [urednici Ivana Živančević-Sekeruš, Zoran Paunović, Željko Milanović].  Novi Sad: Filozofski fakultet, 2023. S. 307–313).

During 20th century the journalism not only took part in the creation and destruction of writers' reputations, but also adapted for the general reader the meanings contained in their works, established the writer's place in the ideological struggle of that time, covered disputes, disputes of writers, philosophers, journalists, directly participated in the formation of groups, associations, debunked or promoted their goals and objectives. The study of the practical implementation of the interaction between literature and journalism based on the factual material of the newspaper «Yuzhny kray» provides a more rigorous understanding of the process in literature’s integration into the sphere of public attention. This paper considers Kharkov newspaper «Yuzhny kray» as an example of the literary discourse’s transformation in periodicals during pre-revolutionary events in Russia (1900–1905; 1914–1917).